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TTI Success Insights releases enhanced behavioral team report

Mar 23, 2017

Enhanced behavioral team report enables members of teams to understand self, others, and the organization

Today, TTI Success Insights, the world’s go-to source for research-based, validated assessments and talent management solutions, announced that an enhanced team report is available to help managers understand the behavioral makeup of their team.

“The enhanced team report creates a new level of understanding for all individuals within a team,” said Rick Bowers, president of TTI Success Insights. “At TTI Success Insights, we recognize the need for businesses to effectively use their diverse talent pool. The enhanced team report arms individuals with critical data to achieve organizational goals.”

The enhanced behavioral team report collects data from individual behavioral DISC reports, providing aggregate strengths and weaknesses, value to the organization, and communication recommendations by behavioral cluster. In doing so, managers and team members can harness diverse behaviors to drive team success.

The team report is available to business managers through TTI Success Insights’ world-renowned network of over 4,000 coaches, consultants, and talent management professionals in over 90 countries around the world.

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TTI Success Insights reveals human potential by expanding the awareness of self, others, and organizations. We dive deeper than DISC, giving professionals solutions to hire, engage and develop the right people. For more information, visit www.ttisi.com and @TTISI.

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