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First-of-its-kind applicant tracking system helps determine optimal job match

Oct 16, 2015

New Technology on Display During 18th Annual HR Tech Conference

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., – TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) will unveil Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), the only assessment-based screening system on the market powered by job matching; TMP instantaneously narrows down a company’s candidate pool, and will be featured at the 18th annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition Oct. 18-21 in Las Vegas. TTI SI, a worldwide leader helping individuals and Deciphering-Candidatescompanies understand their uniqueness and their potential through science-based assessments, recently re-launched TMP, its assessment-based applicant tracking system to the marketplace. TMP can integrate with a company’s existing system to help employers better identify and job match talent during the hiring process. “Company leaders now understand how important it is to make a good hire and how costly it can be when they make a poor choice,” said Bill J. Bonnstetter, chairman and founder of TTI SI and Target Training International, Ltd. “TMP offers the rare opportunity to see the whole person and allows them to make hiring decisions based on data, increasing the likelihood of matching the best person to the open position.” A state-of-the-art system, TMP allows recruiters and/or hiring managers to define a job’s core responsibilities by completing a job benchmark before letting prospective candidates upload their resume and take a pre-hire assessment. Companies can then simultaneously compare a bevy of potential candidates at once against the benchmark to determine optimal job match and ultimately make more informed hiring decisions. TMP’s master database can store applicant resumes, assessments and benchmarks for a required seven years. HR Tech attendees are invited to visit TTI SI’s booth, 2357, where Bonnstetter, Senior Vice President of Research and Development Ron J. Bonnstetter Ph.D., and Vice President of North America Adam Wong will offer live TMP demos, as well as answer questions related to the company’s DISC and 12 Driving Forces™ assessments. HR Tech attendees can experience a free demo of TMP by visiting ttisi.com/hrtechtmp. Attendees are also invited to take a complimentary Talent Insights™ assessment to learn more about their inherent behaviors and motivators by visiting ttisi.com/hrtechsos.

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