Marvin-Jean Bish

Marvin-Jean Bish

Solutions Consultant


Swalmen, The Netherlands

One Interesting Fact About Me:

In addition to being Dutch, I am also half Indonesian.

Things I Love To Do When I’m Not At Work:

I enjoy listening and relaxing to a large variety of music and am passionate about the “poppin & lockin” dance style.

Primary Driving Force:

Commanding. I am driven by control over personal freedom in making sure I leave a mark on the world.

How Does My Role Help Reveal Human Potential:

As a Solutions Consultant, I assist Value Added Associates by providing professional consultation. This allows entrepreneurs to more accurately debrief, have access to the desired reporting and educate on tools available to them. I provide a space to actively and patiently listen, by demonstrating my expertise in technical skills and systems, modeling best practices to our network.

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