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Rick Bowers

Rick Bowers

Employee since 1988

Grafton, Iowa (population 254)

One Interesting Fact About Me:
I have been to more countries than states having been on 6 of the 7 continents. My graduating class at Ventura High School was 21 students.

Things I Love to Do When I’m Not at Work:
I am a water person, so I enjoy boating, the beach and hanging out in a swimming pool. I like to water ski, wakeboard, wake surf, snow ski, as well as ride snowmobiles, go-karts and off road motorcycles. NASCAR and football are my favorite sports.

Primary Driving Force:

How Does My Role Help Reveal Human Potential:
After 30 years in this business I have done a little bit of everything at TTI Success Insights. The main areas I contribute to our “why” is through product development, applying the tools and building and educating our network.

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