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Advantages of IDS

Why have over 95% of our Value Added Associates and their clients upgraded from units to an online, Internet Delivery Service account?

It is easier, faster and provides updated reports!

  1. No need to pre-pay for units. Simply run a report when you need it!
  2. Don’t worry about unit calculations. The cost is clearly listed on your price list.
  3. Access your account anywhere you have internet access! No need to be confined to your office.
  4. Don’t worry about loosing data with a computer crash. TTI stores all the IDS data on local servers.
  5. You can still provide paper assessments! With IDS, you can easily enter responses from a paper questionnaire.

An IDS account can be more cost effective too!

Contact TTI to find out exactly how much you could save when you sign up for an IDS account with TTI!

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