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Features of the TTI Software Collection

The TTI Software Collection software was specifically designed by Target Training International for use with many of TTI’s assessment products to provide many customization and analysis options, including the ability to:

  1. New 2017 Norms
  2. Download TriMetrix HD, ACI, EQ and DNA reports
  3. Download Talent Insights reports
  4. Download Acumen Capacity Index™ report
  5. Download all TTI Insights Talent and Coaching Reports, TTI Success Insights® Reports, TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory
  6. Reports, and TTI TriMetrix® Talent and Coaching Reports from your IDS account.
  7. Save reports to a personal database to retain reports past the 18 month archive-cycle in IDS
  8. Search reports by respondent’s name, date, email, link and password
  9. Sort reports by respondent name and date
  10. Rearrange report pages and remove specific sections
  11. Choose from alternative graph types
  12. Change colors of the report
  13. Compare multiple Sales Skills Index™ reports to a preset or customized standard
  14. Create statistical reports
  15. Print up to 16 graphs on one page for group or team overviews

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