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Our Mission

Together, We Spark Transformative Experiences in People’s Everyday Lives

TTI Success Insights applies a multi-science approach to an ever-evolving suite of tools that support the employee journey. This commitment to continual improvement aligns with the American Psychological Association’s (APA) philosophy and methodology for assessment development, implementation, and validation.

Our suite of assessment tools help individuals, teams, and organizations develop to become the best they can be.

How It All Started

Chairman Bill J. Bonnstetter and his son, Dave Bonnstetter, founded Target Training International, Ltd. in 1984. Our assessments quickly became an essential aspect in the businesses of thousands of independent consultants and business coaches.

Our company’s history is storied and full of accomplishments — and we’ve touched millions of lives along the way.

Research-Backed Tools

We have been awarded four U.S. patents, including one for brain research, which validates our self-reporting assessments are highly consistent with brain responses.

9060702 – Validation Process for Ipsative Assessments

7249372 – Internet Delivery Service (IDS)®

7184969 – Position Survey

5551880 – Employee Success Prediction System

We are proud of our more than 30 years in the business of hiring, retaining, developing and managing the best talent in the market.
Bill J. Bonnstetter
– Bill J. Bonnstetter, TTI Success Insights Chairman

TTI SI Timeline

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Bill J. Bonnstetter begins DISC research


Bill conducts DISC farmer buying style study


David Bonnstetter begins computerizing DISC assessments


First company to develop and market personalized report on DISC model


Personalized software for sales and executives introduced


First ever annual user conference held


International division founded as Success Insights, reports are translated into eight languages


Employee Prediction System patent granted


10,000-square-foot corporate headquarters is constructed in Scottsdale, Arizona


Internet Delivery Service (IDS®) goes live


Instruments translated into 23 languages and sold in 50 countries


Patent for Job Benchmarking and IDS granted


Corporate headquarters upgraded to a 20,000-square-foot office facility


Company branding and name are reimagined as TTI Success Insights


VIDE brain patent secured


Bill J. Bonnstetter passes away; David Bonnstetter assumes mantle of CEO


Secures 5 active servers on 3 continents for worldwide support


Research portal website housing literature behind our sciences is published


TTI SI Global Consulting is established


Begin collecting participant demographics to allow for additional analysis


Team Reports for group assessments developed and introduced


Learn LMS platform goes live


Expanded technical manuals for core sciences


Activation of proactive, ongoing test bank for continual item review


Working From Home (WFH) DISC report released for free to the public


The Prioritized Leader assessment and platform debuts


Ron Price named President of TTI Success Insights, Ltd.

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