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Every seven seconds, someone around the world is taking a TTI SI assessment.
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TTI SI offers our most popular assessments in 40 languages representing more than 90 countries.

Your Language Matters

Your brain connects to language at different levels. When you take an assessment in your native tongue, your brain makes the strongest connection. We locally translate our assessments to capture even the most subtle language nuances and variations, providing the most accurate assessment results.

Vanessa Boettcher, vice president of TTI SI International, speaks four languages. Her brain scan image (pictured) shows the strongest connection to the word enthusiastic with her first language, Spanish.

“Even though I have spoken English during my entire adult and professional life, my report is still most accurate when I respond in my native tongue.”

– Vanessa Boettcher
Vice President, TTI Success Insights

“After 20+ years in the market, TTI Success Insights produces the highest quality assessment tools worldwide, while creating and maintaining international relationships that share a truly global brand, which ties us all together.”

–Rick Bowers
President, TTI Success Insights

Adapting to Cultural Differences

Understanding people begins with understanding culture. Regional norms can provide a clearer picture of the uniqueness of the individual.

Given our vast database collected over the last three decades, we are well situated to provide highly accurate data to customers who can and do use it daily.

Frank Scheelen

Frank Scheelen

TTI Success Insights Germany

Master Distributor since 1992

“TTI SI has supported our business with high integrity for over 20 years. Their tools are the only ones in the world that combine a holistic approach with a high quality report. All the assessments are research-based and time-tested — this is the reason over 1,000 distributors in Germany, Switzerland and Austria swear by TTI Success Insights’ outstanding tools.”

Alex Ribas

Alex Ribas

TTI Success Insights Brazil

Master Distributor since 2001

“TTI Success Insights has much more than outstanding assessment tools. They have decades of research, intellectual production, patents and a staff that breathes commitment and professionalism.”

Jered Kalkman

Jered Kalkman

TTI Success Insights Benelux

Master Distributor since 1992

“We don’t take shortcuts, and we focus primarily on quality. That’s why we partner with TTI Success Insights. Their assessments really work, and will get the best out of people — always!”

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