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Job Benchmarking Strategies Provide Blueprint for Developing Company’s Strategic Goals

The Situation

In search of a better overall management structure, a Baltimore-area commercial specialty contractor turned to assessment training and job benchmarking to achieve its strategic business goals.

As the company grew to over 100 employees, senior management realized a strategic shift was needed, which included the owner transitioning into the role of president and CEO.

The owner, a technician by trade who naturally grew into management and broader responsibilities, had never served as a CEO.

“This was the classic case of an entrepreneur-minded business in need of a better management structure to meet the needs of the growing team,” said Value Added Associate Mark Debinski.

“In general, there were few people trying to do so much for a fast-growing organization. Eventually, there was a recognition by company leaders of the overall talent gaps in management and the strategic leadership role.”

Debinski, president of Baltimore-based Bluewater Advisory, said the company’s overarching goal was to coach the owner and help him transition from the “primary rainmaker” and sales manager to the role of president and CEO — and positive results came quickly.

“The CEO was very quick to appreciate the newfound knowledge we brought to table, because, by nature, he’s a high Theoretical and a high Utilitarian,” Debinski said.

“He could clearly understand how the application of this knowledge and training could help propel him and the company forward.”

The Solution

In addition and along with the CEO, Debinski helped develop the 15-member senior management team using TriMetrix HD, emotional quotient (EQ) and job-benchmarking strategies, as well as “filling in gaps” with additional talent where needed. The company continues to use these strategies when hiring throughout the organization.

The focused development process has allowed the company to achieve its goals at a faster clip and “become one of the major players in the marketplace” within the five-year period Debinski has been involved.

The Results

In particular, revenue has doubled, profit has more than doubled, and the company has seen increased productivity levels by “putting the right people in the right places.”

On the technician side, Debinski said the company has experienced fewer customer service complaints and garnered more business by strategically identifying new clients that could benefit from the company’s systems, services and solutions.

The AHA Moment

After experiencing the assessment and job-benchmarking tools, Debinski noted members of the management team were better able to understand their behavioral makeup, as well as the “why” behind their decision-making and how they interact with fellow colleagues.

“By understanding their differences and the knowledge that comes from these assessments, management could more easily respect the viewpoint from which others see the world,” Debinski said.

“From there, they were able to get down to business and remove any personal feelings about working with one another and instead focus on the business at hand.”

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