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Science of Self™ in 60 web series breaks down the brain’s inner workings

Feb 17, 2016

60-Second Videos Showcase the Intersection of Science, Everyday Life

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) is breaking down the complexities of its brain research through a series of 60-second videos that highlight how science intersects with everyday life. From company leaders to students and everyone in between, Science of Self™ (SOS) in 60 aims to provide viewers with quick, information-packed snippets to better understand the inner workings of the human brain in a manner that’s conversational. Narrated by Ron J. Bonnstetter, Ph.D., the series of minute-long videos available on the SOS in 60 YouTube channel showcase how different brain stimuli can, either consciously or subconsciously, impact our everyday decision-making. “Our goal is to show how the decisions we make and the actions we take are a result of fascinating triggers within our mind,” Dr. Bonnstetter explained. “By understanding what is happening in our minds on a neurological level, we can deepen our awareness of self. And with self-awareness, we can each realize our full potential.” Viewers of SOS in 60 will come away with these and other important takeaways:
  • Why most of our decisions are driven by pre-cognitive responses
  • How acceptance and avoidance dominates our decision-making at a chemical level
  • The components needed for survival with the fight-or-flight response
Intrigued by the science of the brain, Dr. Bonnstetter, TTI SI’s senior VP of research and development, is intent on developing a better understanding of how the brain informs behavior to enrich lives. Dr. Bonnstetter, a professor emeritus at the University of Nebraska, was the first recipient of the National Senior Outstanding Science Educator of the Year Award. TTI SI’s research team, which includes Dr. Bonnstetter, leverages over 90 years of collective business, academic and neurological experience to investigate the intersection of self-awareness, leadership and behavioral science as it applies to the talent management industry. The company’s continuous innovation in research has made it a worldwide leader in assessments and talent management since 1984. For more information and to watch the SOS in 60 videos, please subscribe to the Science of Self™ in 60 YouTube channel.

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