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TTI Success Insights announces release of new comprehensive team reports that easily analyze groups of individuals

Aug 16, 2017

Scottsdale, AZ

TTI Success Insights, the world’s go-to source for research-based validated assessments and talent management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of two new team reports. These comprehensive reports make it easier for leaders to analyze behaviors and driving forces for entire groups of individuals.

“The biggest issue in moving a team toward high performance is to not only increase awareness of individuals, but also increase understanding of the makeup of the group, said David Bonnstetter, CEO of TTI Success Insights. “By clearly understanding the behaviors as well as what drives the individuals on the team, groups can work together to achieve new levels of engagement and performance.”

The TTI Success Insights team suite of team reports reveals and simplifies the specific compositional elements of a group. The first, the Behavioral Team Report, describes the different categories in which members of a team act or conduct themselves and how they behave toward others. Next, the 12 Driving Forces® team report, explores the reasons why team members act in a particular way. Finally, these reports can be combined into the TTI Talent Insights® team report to reveal the how and the why of a team’s conduct.

All three team reports enable leaders to see the clusters of strengths as well as gaps in their team composition, enabling teams to take specific, targeted actions.

“The most successful teams rely not only on the capabilities of the individuals of the team, but also have a healthy balance of varied behavioral styles and a strong understanding of the what drives each team member,” said Rick Bowers, President of TTI Success Insights. “The most effective leaders are able to take these factors and take appropriate action to achieve business goals. These new reports can reveal, advance, and strengthen a team, no matter the size of the company.”

For more information about TTI Success Insights’ team reports, visit ttisuccessinsights.com.

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