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Cassandra Nelson

Cassandra Nelson

Facilitator & Curriculum Designer
Employee since 2015

Payson, Arizona

One Interesting Fact About Me:
I once bought a working car with a CD player for $10.

Things I Love to Do When I’m Not at Work:
I enjoy going out to eat and spending time with family and friends. Additionally, I like journaling, swimming, running and reading.

Primary Driving Force:

How Does My Role Help Reveal Human Potential:
When I have the privilege of doing a one on one personal debrief and the VAA has new insight into who they naturally are and how they can leverage their talent. We are all capable of greatness but it takes self-awareness to know our strengths and weaknesses.  This is what empowers our VAAs as they bring their knowledge, expertise and experiences to their own clients. While using our assessments to create a relationship of transparency and thus birthing change in individual lives and company dynamics.

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