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John Kloian III

John Kloian III

Chief Information Officer

John Kloian III is our Chief Information Officer. He leads the TTI SI Technology Group and is responsible for the operations of the computer infrastructure, including how TTI SI deploys products and optimizes them for customers.

John is a graduate of DeVry University with a BSEET in Electrical Engineering. With over 20 years of leadership, business management, and technology experience he has a proven ability to understand technology as it relates to the needs of a business and leverage it to positively impact the bottom line. He specializes in translating between business to technology teams and vice-versa.

John is the bassist in the band Mixtape and will never turn down the opportunity hit the golf green or ride a motorcycle. He also has a passion for experimenting with cooking and baking with his wife, who surprisingly is from his hometown but didn’t meet until they were both in Arizona.

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