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Rodney Cox

Rodney Cox

Chief Business Development Officer

Waco, Texas

One Interesting Fact About Me:
I have written five books including Leading From Your Strengths and Love and Money, and I am one of the country’s emerging leaders in the strengths movement.

Things I Love to Do When I’m Not at Work:
I enjoy mountain biking, golf, fishing and bird hunting.

Primary Driving Force:

How Does My Role Help Reveal Human Potential:
There are many ways to leverage the TTI Success Insights world class assessments sciences outside of our traditional distribution network. My role is to connect our assessments to non-traditional opportunities that integrate the power of our assessment sciences, to reveal human potential, in existing application outside the traditional modality of the Internet Delivery System. This is achieved through applying the TTI Success Insights Application Program Interface (API) into existing and yet to be conceived platforms to create a Power By Solution that reveals human potential.

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