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Dr Ron Bonnstetter headshot portrait

Ron Bonnstetter, PhD.

Senior Vice President of Research & Product Development
Employee since 2011


Ron Bonnstetter, PhD. is the Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development for TTI Success Insights. Intrigued by the science of the brain, inspired to teach, and intent on developing a better understanding of how the human brain informs human behavior.

Ron Bonnstetter and his team conduct research on the brain and human behavior on behalf of TTI Success Insights. His published work at TTI SI is focused on combining social and behavioral science with the brain. Bonnstetter’s work has been recognized with a 2012 Edison Award nomination and has been featured in publications including Harvard Business Review. In 2011, he wrote the epilogue to the re-issue of Emotions of Normal People. Ron Bonnstetter is a professor emeritus of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He has given speeches in all fifty states and seventeen countries. He is also a dual-patent holder regarding validating ipsative assessments.

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