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DISC is an assessment that measures four separate factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Put simply: the DISC assessment measures how a person does what they do. The DISC profile creates a language around observable behavior, which in turn improves communication, engagement, and self-development.

DISC Report Pages

The DISC Model Uncovers Insight Into the “How” Behind Your “Why”

It reveals the behavioral makeup that is unique to each individual. Taking and understanding a DISC assessment helps people:

Minimize unnecessary conflict

Increase productivity and engagement

Enhance communication

Maximize their strengths

Develop self-awareness

TTI SI’s DISC assessment gives the most complete picture of an individual’s behavior. No one is average, and the DISC assessment is designed to provide confidence to the end user through in-depth analysis and research-backed insights. Our DISC differentiates your natural style from your adapted, and also incorporates the neurological pathway differences between what you say you are and what you say you are not.
Dr. Ron Bonnstetter
– Dr. Ron Bonnstetter PH.D, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, TTI Success Insights

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