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Animated DISC style insights graph, High I (high influence), icons with cartoon lady looking at DISC style insights graph.


Find out the ‘how’ behind behavior with DISC. Measured through 4 dimensions of behavior, this assessment uncovers actions and needs for individuals, pairs, and teams.


Animated Emotional Intelligence EQ Assessment Graph displaying emotional characteristics as icons

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ is more essential than ever in the workplace. This assessment helps reveal an individual’s ability to understand and regulate self and social situations.


12 Driving Forces animated graph displaying 6 factors

12 Driving Forces

Motivation drives us all— uncover the ‘why’ behind behavior with the 12 DF assessment. This assessment explores motivation and engagement through six different factors.


Effective Communication

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful organization — assessments create a shared language and understanding across teams.


Team Building

Help your people uncover insights about themselves and others around them to increase engagement.


Leadership Development

Empower the right people to lead the right teams by assessing their skills and development.


Recruiting & Selection

Never make another bad hire! Assessments provide clarity for job selection and benchmarking.


Professional Coaching & Consulting

Take your coaching and consulting business to the next level by bringing in real and applicable insights through assessments.


Make a Real & Powerful Impact

After harnessing the power of TTI SI assessments, your organization will experience:

Enhanced employee engagement

Improved employee morale

Increased employee retention

Reduced stress and conflict

Engaged high potential employees

Expanded talent pipelines

Improved management effectiveness

Improved communication

Hiring accuracy; elimination of bad hires

“The TTI SI assessment results really validate and put in black and white employees’ strengths and areas for improvement. This is a valuable tool all companies can benefit from. It’s that powerful.”
Wade Johnson
– Wade Johnson, CEO of Valor Health

Training Unseasoned Employees to Work Efficiently Together

How a franchise owner used TTISI tools to develop his employees on a personal level that was in harmony with his own beliefs and attitudes while training them to become more efficient to meet economical needs.

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Non-Profit Finds the Right People for the Right Positions

What do you do when you are responsible for creating a productive, cohesive team and you aren’t really sure where to start? Learn why a Texas non-profit had to fill key positions with unseasoned candidates — and how they made it work.

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Improved Communication With Coaching & TTI SI Assessments

Three business partners that owned a physical therapy company were having a hard time communicating with each other. Learn how a leading organization addressed and improved communication issues between its partners.

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A Network of Associates to Help Achieve Your Business Goals

ChargeItPro had been undergoing dramatic growth and wanted to take the company structure to the next stage. Learn how partnering with a Value Added Associate helped ChargeItPro create a long-term plan to ensure their success.

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Tools That Help
Your People

We deliver meaningful tools to solve some of the biggest people problems in organizations.


On and offline surveys that record a respondents’ unique combinations to a series of questions and statements to uncover elements of a person’s personality


Narratives, graphics, and/or tables consolidated into a document generated from an individual’s assessment responses.


Technology and platforms that enable people to manage assessments, reports and processes.

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With the Right Tools

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