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Recruiting & Selection

DISC Assessment
Developing your recruitment and selection process is one of the fastest ways to get a competitive edge in your industry. Creating a more effective hiring process will result in better company culture, a developed talent pipeline, and better employee selection.

Who Can Benefit?

When you use assessments to create a stronger recruitment and selection process, your entire organization benefits. Everyone from small companies to international corporations will benefit from more detailed employee recruitment and a strong hiring process.

Hiring is more complicated than ever, but TTI SI tools help take the guesswork out of selection. Get to know your candidates in an effective and objective way to determine how exactly they will fit the position and culture of your organization. This streamlines your decision making process and enhances the new hire’s on-boarding experience.
Favor Larson
– Favor Larson, Senior Business Services Consultant, TTI Success Insights

Never make another bad hire! Assessments provide clarity for job selection and benchmarking.
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