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Multiple assessments are key to organizational success

May 17, 2016

TTI Success Insights Helps Attendees Dive Deeper Than DISC at ATD 2016

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 12, 2016) – TTI Success Insights (TTI SI) will show the value of using multiple assessments at ATD 2016 International Conference & Exposition.

TTI SI’s booth at ATD this year will focus on showcasing assessment tools that can help attendees dive deeper than DISC, one of the most widely used behavior-based assessments in the market, to help organizations maximize their greatest asset: people.

Using a DISC assessment is a common place to start to improve communication, engagement and understanding others. However, only using this tool is the equivalent to only looking at the tip of an iceberg. Understanding the whole person and their true potential is likely below the surface, deeper than the behaviors we can observe.

“Replacing a bad hire can cost a company five times the amount of that individual’s salary. Because of this it is imperative to find and retain individuals who are intrinsically motivated by the job,” said Rick Bowers, president of TTI SI International Distribution. “Our research shows using two assessments improves hiring accuracy from 60 percent to 80 percent, while using three increases it even higher to 93 percent accuracy.”ttisi_0116085_ICE Sponsor Logos_PRINT_Bronze

Attendees are invited to booth 225 to get a free copy of the book, “Talent Unknown: Seven Ways to Discover Hidden Talent + Skills.” Attendees will also see firsthand how multiple assessments measure the why, how and what of a person – 12 Driving Forces™, emotional intelligence, skills and stress. 

When organizations use a multi-science approach to understanding their people and dive deeper than DISC, the key to solving people challenges is clear. TTI SI is also a sponsor of ATD 2016’s international orientation, international reception and the ATD Global Village.

In addition, TTI SI Strategic Partner Ron Price is a featured speaker on Tuesday, May 24. In Price’s educational session, Winning the Global War on Talent, attendees will discover insights into the impact demographic trends will have on companies’ future leadership challenges, and explore how TTISI’s talent assessment tools can align development plans with natural talent patterns.

“Emerging demographic trends will have a tremendous impact on companies’ future leadership challenges,” Price said. “I will explore talent profile tools to show you how to align your development plans with natural talent patterns in my educational session, Winning the Global Talent War.”

ATD will take place May 22-25 in Denver. The conference covers the latest trends, best practices and new solutions for designing, delivering, implementing and measuring learning programs for talent development professionals. The TTI SI booth will be open throughout the exposition. For more information on TTI SI, visit www.ttisi.com. 

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TTI Success Insights reveals human potential by expanding the awareness of self, others, and organizations. We dive deeper than DISC, giving professionals solutions to hire, engage and develop the right people. For more information, visit www.ttisi.com and @TTISI.

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